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art i.c.t r.e.

Art is a creative subject where we study street scenes and produce a portfolio of work on it and we also study nature which is my favourite topic. We then go onto preparing for the 10 hour art exam which we look at artist along a certain theme. I looked at Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Ed Fairburn and produced work based on both these artists.

In I.C.T we have looked at website design the first topic being unit 13.1 web design, the second actually building a website and then creating a portfolio. We also had a test to prepare for.

R.E. focuses on two religions, Christianity and Judaism, we look at places of worship, worship, pilgrimage and origins and beliefs. It is a subject with a strong emphasis on ethics and religious attitudes towards certain topics such as abortion and animal rights.

This is my digital portfolio which is designed to show my work through year 10 and 11 from my gcse's. I study maths, english, i.c.t, r.e., art, biology, chemistry, physics and statistics. I attend school at Bourne Community College. As a hobby I do art and design and i want to do this in college as an A-Level at Chichester college.